When In Doubt, Draw: Divya's Signature Drawing Programme

Doubts To Drawings. Stick Figures To Stress Free Sketching. Blank Page To Wherever You Want To Go. "I Can't!" To "I Can!" In 5 Soulful Sessions.

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Welcome to When In Doubt, Draw

"The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt." - Sylvia Plath. When In Doubt, Draw is my signature programme designed to give you all you need to enjoy drawing... and beyond. In 5 steps, accompanied by videos, audio and an ever growing resource area, I'll guide you through the process I've developed over 14 years working as an artist and teacher. My best creative life lessons distilled from countless classes, events and workshops into one programme taking you from blank page to wherever you want to go. Whether you're here after doing my free mini-course (yay!) or following a search to find the right art course for you, thank you for being here and welcome. There are many wonderful art courses out there, so know that you can start this one for free. I want you to be sure that it's the one for you. Creativity takes courage, ESPECIALLY later on in life, but here's why there has never been a more important time to rediscover that creative part of yourself: in the age of AI, and ever expanding advances in technology, human expression has become more valuable than ever. And it's worth fighting for. See you inside! Love, Divya x


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Our species have been drawing since the dawn of time.

Most of us drew as kids.

This one, often overlooked, skill has a lot more to it than many know or believe and, in my own experience, it's about so much more than the skill itself.

“Once, when I was struggling with a book, I signed up for a drawing class, just to open up some other kind of creative channel within my mind.

I can’t draw very well, but that didn’t matter; the important thing was that I was staying in communication with artistry at some level.

I was fiddling with my own dials, trying to reach inspiration in any way possible. Eventually, after enough drawing, the writing began to flow again…”
Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic


If you tell me: “I can’t draw” or “I’m not creative” I won’t believe you.

People often tell me that they can’t or aren’t.
And they can. And are.

“Dear Divya, thank you for teaching me about drawing! I’ve learned a lot from “When in doubt, draw!” I had mixed feelings about drawing, but now I see the possibilities of creating a piece of art... it has enriched my life!”

– Barbara

“I am much happier now about how my life is going!”
- Ellis

“Thank you for reconnecting me to this part of myself.”
– Judy

“Thank you for bringing art and peace into my life!”
– Daria

wonder what happened to your creative self?

dream about sketching a landscape you love?

wish you could just pick up a pencil and draw?

you could open up that brand, new sketchbook and start creating the work you dream of?

you felt confident about (finally!) opening that untouched water colour set?

you woke up that inner artist and found out what he/she could do?

you found me!

As adults, we often lose sight of our creativity:

Draw as a kid, but left it behind?

Artist in the family?
Bought a bunch of art books but never got going?

Always wanted to draw, but think you’re not good enough?

Heard all these great things about creativity and how it helps you release stress, feel inspired, problem solve, spark ideas, feel happier… But don’t know where to begin?

Tried before and things didn't (exactly) go according to plan?

“It’s feast or famine. I’m either on fire creatively and feel great about it, or I feel like I can’t possibly create anything and I feel completely stuck.

There is no middle ground and that is frustrating to me because I feel like I can’t sustain it this way. I’m either in a dry spell or I’m overflowing.

I wish I could have a way to remain a creative person even when my personal life is falling apart. I wish my emotions didn’t affect my creativity so much.

I suck at it. I can only draw stick figures and a stupid house with a chimney on a hill…

...it looks like a 6 year old did it. I just don’t think I have what it takes to draw. I’ve tried before and I’m no good. And I don’t like doing things I’m not good at.

Some people just have it and some people don’t…and I don’t.

I would love to be able to draw things, anything, and I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to learn.”
– Sally

The door’s always open. And your creativity’s always right there.

It's all about getting started.

And all that requires is...


"Creativity takes courage." - Matisse
Especially later on in life!
And I’ve been helping people find that courage, for over 12 years.

For some of my students, they’re drawing after 30 years.
Some haven’t picked up a pencil since the 3rd grade.

So whether you're a little rusty or not done anything creative since school, allow yourself a huge sigh of relief because...

(Not a Frankie fan?)

Well at least I say relax, hakuna matata, chill out, no worries!

In this course, which is yours FOR LIFE, I'm going to give you my whole 5 step (stress free) process with:

  • audio guidance (so you can listen as you draw)
  • videos (so I can guide you through each module)
  • support (feedback and opportunity for 1-1 coaching)
  • downloadable handouts and module PDFs (packed full of fun exercises and opportunities to delve deeper, revisit and review)
  • bonuses (in an ever expanding resource area!)

to take you from blank page to wherever you want to go :)

More Than Drawing

What I get told the most about When In Doubt, Draw is that it's unlike any art course people have done before.

“I thought this was just an art class! It’s so much more!” – Shivani

“An environment that revealed what I had always thought was missing” - Matt

“Thanks a lot for being you in front of me…who was in search of myself at that time. You taught me, not only about drawing, but also about being my real self.” – Nirmin

"Unexpectedly meditational." - Vanessa

This is because the way I share drawing comes directly from how I first experienced it - not only as the skill itself - as a way of sparking creativity in all other areas of life.

"Divya’s passion for art as a path to self-transformation, based on her own hard-won wisdom through experience, will inspire even the most artistically-challenged among us to pick up a crayon and explore the magic of the blank page. What a gift to give to yourself or another. When in doubt, Divya!"

– Leza Lowitz, Best-selling author, Sun & Moon Yoga

When In Doubt, Draw is my original, creative empowerment programme that teaches you not only how to draw, but also how to reignite creativity in all aspects of life.

Right now. Right where you are. Wherever you are. Whatever stage you're at. In 5 steps.

I developed this course because I found that I was an artist who could bring drawing home.

I found I could explain practices and exercises in an accessible way, for anyone, at any age.

I was also SO VERY sick and tired of traditional copy and repeat courses where everyone's work ends up looking the same!

Built upon my many years teaching drawing to students of all ages, abilities and walks of life, this five part course is designed to give you all you need to be able to draw on your own and in your own style.


When In Doubt, Draw can be used individually:

Or as a training and empowerment resource for you and your team:

Farewell boring team builds!

Join artists around the globe and discover how you too can learn how to draw - on your own and in your own style - in five, practical and soulful sessions.

What are you waiting for?? Start the programme now. For FREE!

And, don't worry, I want you to be absolutely sure this is the right course for you.

So, try When In Doubt, Draw on for free with my starter guide and walkthrough.

Hope to see you in the programme and welcome you into the fold!

Or, if you fancy a trip to Japan, come say hello in person!

Loadsa love,

Divya x


Who We Are & Why We LOVE What We Do!

Listen up! You CAN learn how to draw, become the artist you dream of and SO much more. Let me show you how through my 5-step, tried, tested and trusted programme, When In Doubt, Draw. An idea that started here at home, stretched into a drawing school, wandered around in the form of workshops and grew into a course. Everything I've learned about drawing - much more than the skill itself (although that on its own is pretty cool) - and creative living. All still growing. Come grow with us!

All The Secrets

This is the programme I've created over 13 years working as an artist and teacher.

Creative life lessons distilled from countless classes, events and workshops.

I continue to teach in person, at Atelier Kato, our drawing school in Tokyo, but I simply couldn't reach as many people as I dreamed of reaching.

But, now I can!

Here's all I know about drawing and creative living rolled up (with a great, big hug) for you.

“I thought this was just an art class! It’s so much more!”
– Shivani

"The Worst Enemy To Creativity Is Self-Doubt"

- Sylvia Plath


Let me take you back to the beginning...

There was a time in my life when things happened (in very quick succession) that were completely out of my control.

These years were tough and full of loss, pain, disappointment and constant change.

But they taught me how to start from scratch.

Charcoal Drawing Aged 13

I learned how to make my mark in the world and make something new that would move me forward.

I learned how to rise up fighting.

And how to keep striving towards my dreams.

All the way to the life I've built, slowly, brick by brick, over here in my adopted homeland of Japan.

And, what helped me the most?

My trusty sketchbook by my side :)

More than just a skill, in a time full of doubt, drawing and the blank page offered me a safe space to express, reflect and gain the clarity and confidence to move forward.

This is the place where When In Doubt, Draw was born.

And this is what makes the way I share drawing very different.

If you're only interested in drawing, there are countless courses out there which will have what you're after. You can go, learn, copy and repeat and voila - you've done a drawing!

But, if you're interested in drawing AND exploring then welcome - you're in the right place!

“Like Keri's book, Wreck This Journal, at Barnes and Noble... The difference being, you’re teaching HOW drawing is helping them move forward!”

Sarah Seidelmann, Life Coach & Best Selling Author,
Born To Freak & Swimming With Elephants
“I was curious about how drawing would help me with my doubt..I was scared to draw before, now I understand that every drawing has infinite possibilities!”
– Barbara
“Drawing – something I had always wanted to try. Actually I was convinced I couldn’t draw at all! It was so scary for me in the beginning.

But somehow, step by step, I just started feeling more relaxed about it and drawing became a certain mindset.

What if you do things, without thinking too much about it – just because you FEEL it is good for you. From then on, everything that happened seemed logical.

I am much happier now about how my life is going.”



What's Included & What You'll Learn

  • Audio (listen as you draw)
  • Videos (to guide you through each module)
  • Support (feedback and opportunity for 1-1 coaching)
  • Lifetime Access (visit and revisit and enjoy all updates)
  • Downloadable PDFs (packed with exercises to explore more)
  • An Ever Expanding Bonus Area (being addded to all the time)

Head on over to the preview section to start the course for free and see what's covered in the 5 steps :)

“Thanks a lot for being you in front of me…who was in search of myself at that time.

You taught me, not only about drawing, but also about being my real self.”

– Nirmin

Your Instructor

Divya Marie Kato
Divya Marie Kato

Divya Marie Kato FRSA, CEO Atelier Kato Tokyo, Paris-born, Tokyo-based, British Indian Fine Artist working in Japan since 2005.
Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, Companion of The Guild of St. George, Founder of the When In Doubt, Draw drawing programme and the award-winning Big Draw Japan drawing festival.

Passionate advocate of art education, drawing, visual literacy, art therapy and collaborative, cross-cultural art projects that strengthen ties between countries and cultures.

My work exists in private and public collections, including ANA InterContinental Tokyo, featured in ELLE, The Indian Express, the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), Metropolis and collaborations with international organisations, local communities and schools.

My formative years were full of change and this is when I first realised the power of the blank page. An open space I could always go to for expression, reflection and connection.

Growing up, I began making my way in the world. Life continued - with its fair share of ups and downs! - and still drawing was there to help me process experiences and navigate change.

I began teaching drawing, not only as the skill itself, but in the way I had come to know it.

And this was when something clicked.

I wasn't teaching people just how to draw.

I was helping them rediscover their creative selves.

I found that I was an artist who could share the creative process in an accessible way with people from all walks of life and all ages and abilities.

Sharing drawing with others lights me up from the inside out and I'm thankful every day for the work I get to do.

Committing to building your own business isn't easy, but committing to rediscovering your creative self later in life isn't either.

Watching people being brave and bringing new drawings to life is joy through the roof and I say with all my heart, thank you.

"Creativity takes courage" - Matisse

Especially later on in life! And I've been helping people find that courage now for over 12 years. Seeing faces light up in recognition of, and reconnection with, their creativity is the why behind my work.

The way I share drawing is not only about the skill itself

(although that on its own is pretty cool) as you're about to learn.

To this day, I continue to paint and teach in parallel; an aspect fundamental to my work, and created the When In Doubt, Draw programme to share my love of drawing with others, both in Japan and around the world.

It's all I know about the benefits of art and creativity rolled up (with a great, big hug) into my gift to you.

So welcome, friend. I'm happy and honoured you're here and hope you'll enjoy the joy of drawing as much I do.

Everything you'll find here is about how creativity and the simple act of drawing transforms lives.

Happy creating!

Love, Divya x

Make sure you try this course on for size!

Dig into the free preview area to try on When In Doubt, Draw for FREE and make absolutely sure this course is the course for you.

There are so many wonderful art courses out there!

I want you to be sure this is the right one, so make the most of the free preview area.

Money Back Guarantee

This free preview section is comprehensive and designed to give you a real feel for the programme, including a When In Doubt, Draw walkthrough where I guide you through the course and delve deeper into specifics on who it is for and who it isn't for.

If you've enjoyed the preview and continued on, we're confident you'll love When In Doubt, Draw and keep referring to it again and again.

So, if you're unhappy after Class 1, get in touch with us and show us why, we'll give you your money back :)

Course Curriculum

  Welcome To When In Doubt, Draw
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  Free Preview
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  When In Doubt, Draw Walkthrough
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  Module 1
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  Module 4
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  Module 5
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"I felt lost... I always loved drawing but hadn't done it for a while...

I enjoyed the communication and combination of art and therapy and the process of accepting myself through drawing.

I also started to draw outside - which I had never done before - and I stopped being shy about what people would think about my drawing.

Thank you so much with all of my heart!"

- Daria

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? INCLUDING all subsequent updates? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
Please take FULL advantage of the FREE preview section! Divya has worked hard to make it as comprehensive as possible - including a starter guide for you to test drive the course style AND a course walkthrough where she specifies who the course is for and who it's not for. We're confident you'll LOVE it! AND there are many incredible art courses out there and we want you to be absolutely sure that this is the one for you. If you've been through her mini-course (The Sketch Sesh - also free!) and free preview section, continue on and are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us after Module 1, tell us why and we'll give you a full refund :)

Ready To See What You Can Do?

"The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt." - Sylvia Plath

When In Doubt, Draw

When In Doubt, Draw

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